MAN | 2024 February | News Highlights

Malaysia Adventist News February edition: Children’s Ministries leaders convene at MAUM headquarters, Seremban | MAUM hosts the Gift of Prophesy Symposium at Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu | Sabah Mission Pastor’s Family Day celebration leaves a practical and impactful effect.

For more information about the upcoming events can refer to the Facebook Page below: MAUM Pathfinder Camporee:
MAUM Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Sarawak Stewardship Caravan Planned Journey Campaign:
Hope Media Sarawak

MAUM Women’s Ministries Convention:
Wanita & Kanak Kanak MAUM

Presented by: Jiayi Gan
Written by: Hazel Ginajil
Videography and edit by: Jiachern Gan

MAN or Malaysia Adventist News is the official news network of Malaysia Union Mission.

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28, February 2024, Wednesday.