Departments / Ministries

Francis Amer

Field Secretary of NDR-IEL;
Director of Ministerial Association

Services in
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

Ext. 123

Faridah Lausin

Director of Children’s Ministries;
Women’s Ministries

Ext. 127

Golden Gadoh

Director of Education;

Ext. 125

Kozel Enggang

Director of Stewardship Ministries;
Family Ministries

Ext. 124

Jane Yap

Director of Health Ministries

Services in
Adventist Possibility Ministries

Ext. 130

Farrel Gara

Director of Youth Ministries

Services in
Public Campus Ministry;
Adventist Community Services

Ext. 129

Jim Gabu

Director of Publishing Ministries;
Sabbath School / Personal Ministries;
Adventist Mission

Ext. 128

Toisah Longgou

Ministerial Spouses Association
Coordinator (Honorary)

Ext. 126