UNIMAS Collaborates with Adventist Health Ministry Departments for Adventist Health Research

The faculty and students of Medicine and Health Sciences of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) have embarked on a research project with the Health Ministry Departments of Sarawak Adventist Mission (SAK) and Malaysia Union Mission (MAUM) to study the association between spiritual practices and diet-related health behaviors with the quality of life among the Seventh Day Adventists in Kuching, Sarawak.

Associate Professor Dr. Cheah Whye Lian leads the study to investigate the impact of spiritual practices and dietary habits on Adventists’ health and quality of life in Kuching. Over 300 Adventist respondents from the Kuching area are currently undergoing health screening tests and answering questionnaires as part of the study.

The Adventist Health Professional Summit, which will be held on 13-16 August 2023 in Imperial Hotel, Kuching Sarawak, will showcase the findings of the study. The researchers hope the results will provide valuable insights into the relationship between spirituality, diet, and health.

When asked what prompted them to study the Adventists’ lifestyle, Dr. Cheah Whye Lian mentioned the numerous studies done among Adventists in the international realm and that Adventists commonly practice healthy lifestyles such as abstaining from smoking and alcohol drinking and consuming healthy food.

30, March 2023, Thursday.