MAUM Women Joined Women Leaders’ Summit in Indonesia

Eighty-nine motivated women from MAUM (PEM, SAK, and SAB) joined a joyous and vibrant gathering at the Tri-Union Women Leaders’ Summit on the beautiful UNAI campus in Bandung, Indonesia, from May 18 to 21, 2023. The spirited delegates marched in a grand parade with 1841 women from Indonesia and Timor Leste during the summit’s opening ceremony. They presented special songs during Vespers and on Sabbath, adding to the melodious tunes rendered throughout the event by God-gifted women from twenty-five districts and conferences. Selected MAUM delegates participated in the Sabbath School panel and, on Sabbath afternoon, shared their faith journey and reflections.   On Saturday night, during a celebration of cultural beauty and diversity, the MAUM delegates showcased their Malaysian dance performance.

Under the theme “Be His Winsome Witnesses, GLOW Together,” Mrs. Virginia Baloyo, Southern Asia-Pacific Division Women’s Ministries Director, delivered inspiring messages that urged women to Go Light Our World (GLOW) and be intentional in evangelism. The summit also featured empowering speeches by presidential wives from the West Indonesia Union Mission, East Indonesia Union Mission, the Malaysia Union Mission, and the attached mission of Timor Leste. Mrs. Vivian Bana, the wife of MAUM’s president, Pastor Abel Bana, delivered an impactful speech on “How to Reach Out Through Education,” providing valuable insights into the transformative power of education. Other speeches covered topics like women’s workload, women’s empowerment, and the power of prayer. The summit offered a unique platform for Women’s Ministries leaders to exchange ideas, enhance leadership skills, strengthen their faith, and cultivate nurturing friendships. It exemplified the strength of collaboration and unity in a shared mission to respond to the call of the Great Commission. Departing from the summit, these eighty-nine remarkable women carried a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to be God’s winsome witnesses as they Go Light Our World (GLOW).

2, June 2023, Friday.