MAUM Hosts PAMAS President

Captain Dwayne Harris, Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, PAMAS president, visited the Malaysia Union Office on Thursday, July 6. He is in Malaysia for the next few days to search for a potential aircraft for PAMAS.

In a conversation with MAUM President Pr. Abel Bana and Youth Director Elder Farrel Gara, the party of three, discussed collaboration possibilities to reach the unreached territories in East Malaysia. Deep jungle areas in Sarawak are only reachable by rivers and small dirt roads, making it challenging to further the work of God. Harris was interested in possibly using a helicopter or a small plane to reach these places. Pr. Abel shared how some pioneer pastors learned flying to travel into the interior and yet, today, there are still places that have not been reached. This discussion gave new light on the work in our territory.

Captain Harris has been flying for PAMAS for fifteen years. Originally from Montana, USA, now, he makes a living in Valencia, Philippines. PAMAS is a unique aviation ministry because it focuses on medical evacuation services available to everyone regardless of their financial resources. Last year, PAMAS was awarded the Most Outstanding Volunteer Non-Profit Organization in the Philippines. They gained more publicity after the disappearance of the med-evac helicopter carrying a missionary pilot, a missionary nurse, and three patients after The Yellow Bee did not arrive at its destination.

When asked if the search is being continued, Harris said, “No. If God does not want to reveal the situation to us, we must accept it and instead continue to do His work. At the right time, it will be revealed.” Harris continued, “We are tempted to worry. But God takes care of everything at the right time.” Harris shared how their organization had been raising funds to purchase an aircraft. After the story of the Yellow Bee went viral on almost every social media platform, donations came in. “Enough to purchase a plane today. Enough to continue God’s work today. So, we praise God.”

In closing, Harris said, “We may not understand why this happened, but we can be assured that our pain will not go unnoticed. God knows.” Indeed, God knows. Please keep praying for PAMAS, the volunteers and donors who make the work happen in The Philippines. Also, pray for a possible collaboration with MAUM so we can go into the unreached corners of our territory.

05, July 2023, Wednesday.