MAUM Commences Mission Refocus: Back to the Altar & NDR-IEL Seminars and Training Sessions

The Malaysia Union Mission (MAUM) launched the global disciple-making evangelism (GDME) initiative this month in all three missions. The first installment of the Mission Refocus: Back to the Altar and NDR-IEL Seminars and Training sessions took place at the Sarawak Mission from the 5th to the 7th of January at Samling Hall, ACS Stampin, Kuching, Sarawak.

Pr. Francis Amer, Vice President for NDR-IEL, teamed up with Elder Farrel Gara, MAUM Director for Youth Ministries, and Dr. Jane Yap, MAUM Director for Health Ministries. Both directors shared how their ministry can be a channel for evangelism, followed by an appeal as a response to the total member involvement efforts.

The three-day event gathered pastors and church leaders from the southern region of Sarawak, training them in the full Disciple-Making Process of evangelism. The process mimics the agricultural process. The first stage is to prepare the soil of the heart with friendship and service. The second stage is to plant the seeds of truth with literature/media and personal invitations. Next, cultivate spiritual interests with ongoing Bible studies. Then, the harvest stage is where decisions for Christ and baptism with personal and public appeals are made. Finally, the last stage is to preserve the harvest with nurture and evangelistic training. Further, an appeal to involve every member in the personal ministry. “Global Disciple-Making Evangelism is more than an event. It is a biblical process of personal labor for souls that continues until Jesus comes.” (

Meanwhile, from the 19th to the 21st of January, a similarly structured training session was held at Johor Baharu for the Southern region churches of the Peninsular Malaysia Mission. This time, the collaboration involved the Communications and Education departments, and the Women’s and Children’s Ministries. On Sunday, the 21st, the Ministerial Spouse Association gathered for a small informal gathering to support evangelism training sessions. The next training session for the northern churches of the Peninsular Malaysia Mission will take place on the 16th to 19th of February and at the Sabah Mission in April.

Reported by Pr. Francis Amer, VP for NDR-IEL

31, January 2024, Wednesday.