Health Expo Kuching

In collaboration with Malaysia Union Mission Health Ministries, Sarawak Health Ministries, organized a Health Expo at Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak, on Sunday, July 2, from 10 AM to 8 PM. Its goal was to exhibit the lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventists using the NEWSTART program to promote health and quality of life among the people in Kuching.

Medical and health educator volunteers provided health care services such as health age plus, lifestyle checks, health counselling, eye screening, hydrotherapy, and massage to the general public. There were also booths and exhibitions for people to visit like the Health Nutrition Exhibition, and Temperance, Children, and Literature Evangelist Corner. Among the most seen activities were the cooking and charobics (community health aerobics) demonstrations.

One of the reasons Seventh-day Adventists live longer than the general population is their lifestyle. The Health Ministries Department provides practical informative tools and training on how to optimize your health and be all that God has designed for you to be. It is our hope prayer that more people will be reached through our health initiatives.

05, July 2023, Wednesday.