Children’s Ministries Leaders Convene for Advisory

Eleven Children’s Ministries leaders convened at MAUM headquarters in Seremban. From the 22nd to the 23rd of January, the two-day meeting met to gauge strategic plans. The advisory involved directors from the Peninsular Malaysia Mission, Sarawak Mission, Sabah Mission, and the Singapore Adventist Conference. 

The gathering was spent reviewing the mission and vision while revisiting the ministry’s objectives. Furthermore, the consultatory aimed to encourage and motivate through healthy brainstorming, discussion, and team-building activities. The mission directors and representatives reported how the ministry reaches out to the children in their territories through different methods and approaches.

The main speakers were the SSD Children’s Ministries Director, Mrs. Danita Caderma, and the MAUM Children’s Ministries Director, Mrs. Faridah Lausin. Their presentation included introducing new resources, programs, and initiatives from the GC and SSD, such as ‘3 Angels and Me’ and ‘Tell-a-Story Week.’ The leaders were then tasked to echo the information to their local churches. 

On the second day, the group visited Aenon Health Care Centre. They toured the grounds and learned more about the healthcare center and its supporting ministry. Additionally, the participants watched a cooking demonstration and had a memorable fellowship there. As customary, guests typically visit the health store. The delegates bought lots of healthy goodies before leaving.

In retrospect, Mrs. Christine Tan, CHM Director of PEM, shared, “The meeting was inspirational, especially listening to the different methods to conduct a Children’s Ministries program. I was blessed.” Sabah Mission CHM Director Mrs. Rozelene Gulon and SAK Mission CHM Director Mrs. Yvonne Jabeng commended the meetings as well-planned, insightful, informative, and spiritually uplifting. 

Likewise, Mrs. Caderma expressed her appreciation for a well-prepared program. “The well-prepared setup of the two-day was impressive, with a warm welcome and entertainment in the cozy meeting room. The content of the meeting and the well-laid strategic focus will go a long way by God’s grace–more blessings for you and your team.” 

Though short, the meetings were pleasant, and most of all, the interactions and discussions were productive. The aim of inspiring others was successfully met because the leaders collectively agreed that they had been inspired to do better in their territories. SAC CHM Director Mrs. Debbie Saul Chan said, “The meeting was a good time to learn and relearn the best practices from each other that we can use back in our field.”

Reported by Mrs. Faridah Lausin, MAUM CHM Director, and Hazel Wanda Ginajil-Gara, MAUM Communications

28, February 2024, Wednesday.