Alive in Jesus Pilot Study

Since 2000, our children, ranging from infancy to approximately 15 years old, have been taught using the Gracelink curriculum in their Sabbath school classes. Now, after 23 years, the General Conference Children’s Ministries department has announced the development of a new Sabbath School curriculum which will cater to children from infancy to 18. This upcoming curriculum, named Alive in Jesus, is scheduled to commence in 2025. In early 2023, the Children’s Ministries department of the General Conference initiated pilot studies for this curriculum in various languages.  MAUM was chosen to pilot the Primary class for the Bahasa Malaysia language conducted at SDA Kopungit Church in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was one of the five churches in SSD selected for this purpose.

The new Alive in Jesus Sabbath School curriculum is designed to intentionally build children’s relationship with Jesus and their knowledge of the truths in the Bible.  Rooted in the wisdom of Proverbs 22:6, which advises guiding children on the right path, this curriculum also equips parents, Sabbath School teachers, and leaders with the resources and guidance to exemplify an authentic connection with Jesus and the children in their spheres of influence.

The MAUM Children’s Ministries department expresses gratitude to Ms. Fanny Humphery, the pilot study coordinator, and teacher, for her confidence and enthusiasm in conducting the pilot study with nine children under her care. The department also appreciates the church pastor, Pastor Bernard Galim, for his support as well as the parents for their dedicated efforts in following up with the Sabbath School lessons at home. The pilot study covered thirteen Primary class lessons in the first quarter from January to March.  Following the completion of the pilot study, interviews were conducted with the children, their parents, and their teacher to gather feedback. Their valuable feedback will be instrumental in assisting the General Conference in identifying specific areas within the content and lesson structure that could benefit from adjustments. Like Gracelink, this new Alive in Jesus curriculum seeks to nurture the spiritual lives of our children.

2, June 2023, Friday.