Adventist Community Service and Health Ministries Provides Healthcare at Pulau Gaya

The Adventist Community Services (ACS) collaborated with the Health Ministries on a Medical Mission Trip just 10 minutes from Kota Kinabalu this past October 24. Fifteen volunteers, comprising doctors, nurses, and lay members, participated in the medical mission trip, providing health screening and some medicines to the people of Kampung Kesuapan, Pulau Gaya.

The missionary team set off early that Tuesday morning with medical supplies for the medical health care services for the people of Kg. Kesuapan. The team gave free health consultations, medicine, and conducted basic health checks. At first, the villagers hesitated to receive the medical services, fearing the cost. However, when they discovered it was free, more people started coming. The team also provided educational health talks on hygiene, preventive healthcare, and overall well-being. MAUM Health and Adventist Possibility Ministries Director Dr. Jane Yap said, “We hope our work here will not only educate but also create a sense of improvement in one’s overall well-being.”

Last year, through generous donors, ACS built three bridges (walkways over the water). This enables villagers to move from one part of the village to another—the houses of Kg. Kesuapan is built on water. The people believe that living on water is safe as the spirit of the sea keeps the people safe. The people do not want to live on the island (on land) because, according to their beliefs, evil spirits reside there.

The ACS team continues to find ways to minister to the people by fostering friendship with them. During the trip, ACS also conducted a demographic survey to study the people’s needs, culture, and challenges. MAUM ACS Director Elder Farrel Gara said, “The demographic study results will aid other departments and ministries for future collaborations. ACS is working on a better and more sustainable approach to reaching out to the people of Kg. Kesuapan. We hope that through this medical mission trip, the hearts and minds of the people will be open to accepting and receiving us,” he concluded.

28, November 2023, Tuesday.