A Successful ‘Hope for Malaysia 2.0’ 

The Harvest Celebration Sabbath for Hope for Malaysia 2.0 initiative occurred on November 25 in three main areas nationwide. Following the August Harvest, churches around the region continued their evangelistic efforts, resulting in a need for a second-wave harvest celebration.

The combined worship took place at MASCO Penang for the Peninsular Malaysia Mission. A total of 517 attendees gathered for a wonderful worship experience with the Southern Asia-Pacific Division Mission Refocus Director, Pr. Felix Felicitas, the invited speaker. The efforts brought together members from seven different churches from around the vicinity. Baptisms took place at local churches during the successive Sabbaths.

Meanwhile, in Sabah, the 2.0 meeting was held at Kota Marudu Community Hall with the Southern Asia-Pacific Division Director of Interfaith Services for Muslim, Secular, and Postmodern Ministries, Dr. Abner Dizon, as the Harvest Celebration Sabbath speaker. A total of 166 individuals accepted Christ through baptism, and the average attendance during the nightly meetings was 1200 people. On Sabbath morning, over 1500 people were in attendance. Evangelistic meetings also occurred in Tandek, Morion, Mosolog, Mampakad, and Keningau districts.

Finally, the Hope for Sarawak 2.0 initiative happened at the Serian Conference Centre. It gathered 25 churches in united worship and harvested 76 new souls to the kingdom: the Southern Asia-Pacific Division Stewardship Director, Pr. Jibil Simbah was the main speaker during the evangelism in Sarawak.

The church has worked hard for the 2023 Hope for Malaysia evangelism efforts. Next year, the church will continue its efforts in the 2024 Impact Malaysia evangelistic initiative. Let us move forward, uniting all and working together in total member involvement.

26, December 2023, Tuesday.