The World Church Calls for Members to Unite in the Ten Days of Prayer

You are invited to join the Ten Days of Prayer on the 10th of January at your local churches. The global initiative is celebrated every year in all Adventist churches and institutions as an invitation for church members to spend time in prayer.

As the new year kicks off and as we dive into our yearly planning, it is essential and imperative to start with the Lord. The Ten Days of Prayer is a program held at the beginning of the year for us to intentionally disconnect from the world to reconnect with our God. It is a time to put aside the chaos in our lives and to be still in the presence of our creator God. 

There is profound importance in participating in corporate prayer. The prayers uttered are necessary as the key to unlocking heaven’s storehouse and for God’s will to be done in your life and the lives of those you pray. In his book 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming, Dennis Smith mentions that prayer is necessary because God meant to carry out His purpose on earth through humans rather than independently of them from the beginning. Praying for God’s will is vital because it releases God’s power to carry out His plan on this earth.

MAUM president, Pr. Abel Bana reminds us that “The Ten Days of Prayer originates in the Books of Acts where the disciples met for ten days before the Holy Spirit was poured upon them. The disciples spent ten days in spiritual reflection, intercessory prayer, confession, and repentance of sins. That atmosphere of unity allowed the Holy Spirit to come mightily on them before they went forth in their ministry.

As we lift our hearts to God in prayer, let us invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives, and may we experience a spiritual awakening and renewal so we can become witnesses of God’s unwavering love. Pr. Francis Amer, Vice President for NDR-IEL, shares, “Prayer is important because we need to seek God’s blessings, we need to seek spiritual renewal, and we need to seek God’s guidance in all our endeavors.” 

This year, the Ten Days of Prayer theme is Priorities of Faith. We will learn to prioritize what matters to God during the next ten days. It is a chance to embrace a simpler life intentionally, discover practical insights to deepen trust in God, enhance Sabbath moments, and strengthen daily connection through meaningful prayer and acts of kindness.

Join us in this most critical Ten Days of Prayer and be blessed! Please remember to pray for ‘Impact Malaysia 2024.’

For more information and resources for this year’s Ten Days of Prayer, click HERE.

9, January 2024, Tuesday.