Sarawak Mission Appreciates Literature Evangelists in a Recognition Event

The Sarawak Mission held a Literature Evangelist Appreciation Day on the 29th of December at Penview Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak. Around 40 LEs attended the appreciation program hosted by the Sarawak Adventist Mission.

The assembly of literature evangelists from various parts of Sarawak, such as Julau, Bintulu, Serian, Bau, and Kuching, was warmly welcomed by the Sarawak Mission administration and the Malaysia Union Mission representatives. Pr. Semilee Tajau, the Sarawak Mission President, gave the welcome remarks at the commencement of the program, followed by a devotional from Pr. Abel Bana, MAUM president.

The event recognized LEs who have been tirelessly working hard to spread the gospel through the distribution and sales of Adventist literature. Pr. Henny Nilos, SAK Publishing Director, presented a report on LE activities and achievements in 2023. The top 3 LEs who achieved the highest sales for 2023 were given awards.

The event also welcomed the presence of Pr. Jim Gabu, MAUM, Publishing Director, and his wife, Madam Toisah, MAUM Ministerial Spouse Association Coordinator. Pr. Jim gave a timely and much needed motivational talk to encourage the LEs in their work and walk with Christ. While Pr. Abel Bana shared tips on how to be a successful literature evangelist.

In retrospect, Pr. Henny shared, “I can see that SAK Literature Evangelist really appreciate this event. I hope they will now be more capable of working harder in the future. Please continue to pray for SAK LEs so they will have more confidence to go out and do canvasing work.”

The purpose of the program was to appreciate all the Sarawak Mission LEs for the work they have been doing.  their time and energy while motivating them to work harder in the coming year.

The top 3 LEs who achieved the highest sales for the year 2023 are:

1. Mary Christina

2. Ann Clement

3. Thompson Ranum

Reported by Pr. Henny Nilos, SAK Publishing Director & Pr. Chan Tin Loi, SAK Communication Director.

31, January 2024, Wednesday.