Sabah Mission Launches Autism Advocacy

Adventist Possibility Ministries promoted awareness by launching an Autism Advocacy Group at Tamparuli, Sabah, last September 23. The event was organized by Dr Jane Yap, MAUM Director for Health and Adventist Possibility Ministries, along with Mrs. Rozelen Gulon, Sabah Mission, Director of Adventist Possibility Ministries.

Dr. Armand T. Fabella, a Registered Psychologist, Registered Counsellor, and Certified Life Coach who is also an Adjunct Faculty of the Psychology Department at Adventist University of the Philippines, presented a short seminar entitled ‘Caring for Carers.’ In his talk, he mentioned that as caregivers of autistic children, it is crucial to balance lifestyle, reward oneself, and accept help from others. Caring for a person with special needs can be difficult and even discouraging at times, but it is essential to remain positive and to find opportunities to do enjoyable activities. He shares that creating awareness in our community is fundamental to supporting all those involved.

The event attracted parents, siblings, teachers, pastors, and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum. The formation of this group is to create inclusion and reduce the stigma of those with autism spectrum disorder. The participants also elected officers to manage the group for future programs and activities.

MAUM Health Ministries Director Dr. Jane Yap, and Sabah Mission Health Ministries Director Madam Doreen Lim conducted a Mental Health Life Coach Certification program at Sabah Mission Headquarters from September 22 to 24. Twenty-two participants, consisting of teachers, pastors, nurses, directors, and parents of autistic children, attended the three-day event facilitated by Dr. Armand himself. The next batch of the Mental Health Life Coach Certification program will take place in the Peninsular Malaysia Mission on 27-29 October.

The Health Ministries provide support through awareness and training programs for this newly formed ministry, Autism Advocacy.

5, October 2023, Thursday.