Peninsular Malaysia Gears Up for Evangelism through Bible Study Training

The Peninsular Malaysia Mission (PEM) successfully organised a Bible Study Training Camp entitled “Fishers of Men” from April 26 to 28. The PEM Personal Ministries organised the event, which took place at the Swiss-Belinn Cherengin Hills in Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang, in partnership with the Mission and Union’s Children Ministries and Sabbath School Departments.

79 participants and presenters from all PEM regions attended the camp. 41 people took part in the adult Bible studies training, while 16 focused on children’s Bible studies. Participants were lay leaders and lay members of the church. The major purpose of the camp was to provide lay leaders with the necessary skills and expertise to lead effective Bible studies. The course also sought to motivate and encourage participants to actively participate in Bible study ministry and outreach in their communities.

The event featured a distinguished panel of speakers, including MAUM Director of SSPM, Pr. Jim Gabu, MAUM Director of Children’s and Women’s Ministries, Madam Faridah Lausin, and Penang Adventist Hospital’s Head Chaplin, Pr. Sunny Tan. Moreover, the Bible Study Training Camp was a sounding success due to the collaborative efforts of PEM Directors of Personal Ministries Pr. Robert J. Agustin, Sabbath School Pr. Ben Foo, and Children’s Ministries Madam Christine Tan. The camp included a full program with workshops geared towards various facets of Bible study ministry.

The workshops covered practical teachings and techniques for sharing the Bible with others. In his Sabbath message, PEM President Pr. Tan Meng Cheng emphasised the necessity of “Winning one for Christ.” He urged the participants to strive to win one soul. In another session, Seremban Church pastor Pr. Frendy Rubil said, “Don’t worry! God will give you the courage and spiritual gifts you need to advance the Gospel in your area. You are the chosen!” Breakout sessions for workshop-style presentations were also held to accommodate the various language and children groups.

Each training session included active and engaging participation from the attendees. At the end of the program, participants expressed thanks for the opportunity to attend such a camp. They expressed gratitude for new knowledge on sharing the Bible. Elder Alex Rajakumar of Petaling Jaya English Church shared, “I have been an SDA member and leader for over 40 years, but this was the first time PEM had a Bible Study Training Camp to prepare lay leaders to lead Bible studies. We need more practical training like this.” Most of the participants said the training was sufficient but they desired to learn and do more. Overall, they enjoyed the training and felt pleased and encouraged to lead Bible studies when they returned to their region.

In retrospect, Pastor Robert J. Agustin expressed, “Many souls are dying without knowing Jesus Christ. Let us bring them to Christ and the knowledge of Jesus.”

Reported by Pr. Robert J. Agustin, PEM Director of Personal Ministries, and Hazel Wanda Ginajil-Gara, MAUM Communication Department

17, May 2024, Friday.