PCM Camps at Port Dickson Methodist Centre

The Peninsular Malaysia Mission (PEM), Public Campus Ministry (PCM) Camp took place from 3-5 November at Port Dickson Methodist Centre. Spearheaded by the PEM Youth Director, Pr. Tan Weoi Siong recounted the success of the camp, “If our pockets are empty for you and your hearts are full for God during PCM23, all is worth it.”

One hundred forty participants from 32 institutes of higher learning, including public, government, private, and one Adventist institution, came together from locations all around the peninsular for a camp themed ‘My Circle of Influence.’ The camp intended to instill awareness of being a Christ-like influence in character among the youth despite their secular context.

One of the highlights of the camp was a Town Hall Session where the participants openly asked questions about how the church deals with current issues. Some of the topics included taboo gender issues, students’ stress and depression, and social challenges were tackled by a panel of trained experts in their field: Dr. Tan Min Min, Pr. Maclan Mathew, Pr. Renie Ubara and Pr. Caleb. Other sessions included topics students were interested in, such as career paths and team-building activities.

Mary Ann, a student from Shah Alam, said, “I enjoyed this camp because I am able to meet new SDA friends and meet friends from my hometown who are studying in other parts of Malaysia.” Jim said, “I hope we will have more PCM activities so we can meet more SDA friends who are also studying in universities.”

The PEM Public Campus Ministries is being cared for by Pr. Tan Weoi Shiong, PEM, Youth Director. Please continue to pray for this ministry.

28, November 2023, Tuesday.