Newly Minted Life Coaches Form a New Advocacy

In a convocation held at the Malaysia Union Mission Headquarters in Seremban, twenty-nine inductees celebrated the successful completion of the Life Coach Training. The Life Coach completers, made up of pastors, teachers, IT people, secretaries, chaplains, and missionaries, embarked on this journey last year. The course commenced at the local missions of Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia.

The Life Coach training program is a collaboration program between the Adventist University of the Philippines, the Graduate Psychology Department, and the Health Ministries of the Malaysia Union Mission (MAUM). The program aimed to train church leaders to become life coaches who would provide counselling and become mentors to the young adults of the church. 

The newly minted life coaches celebrated the joy of receiving their certificates on Saturday, 16 March, during a completion ceremony held at the Auditorium of Malaysia Union Mission. The auspicious occasion was honoured with the presence of Pr. Francis Amer, VP for NDR-IEL, and the main professor for the training as the guest of honour, Dr. Armand Fabella of the Adventist University of the Philippines. 

Moving forward, the life coaches formed an advocacy group called the Malaysia Adventist Life Coach Association or MALCA, which aims to help young people navigate through life challenges. The MALCA officers took a commitment oath led by Dr. Jane Yap, MAUM Health and Adventist Possibility Ministries Director.

The certified life coaches agreed that the certification program equips them with the necessary knowledge while developing the skills needed to empower individuals to overcome the difficulties of life. In response, the newly elected president, Pr. Jerome Raj shared, “Let us face the challenges that lie ahead with courage and determination, knowing that together, we can create a significant impact in the lives of others.”

A second batch for the program, comprising five pastors from each mission, commenced on Friday, 15 March. This batch is coordinated by Pr. Francis Amer. He explains, “The Life Coach training program not only fosters personal growth but also encourages self-improvement, guiding individuals to become their best selves.” The group of 15 pastors is expected to complete the program before the end of the year. Pastor Malvin Gakim from Sabah Mission shares, “This training is eye-opening. I am now motivated to pursue further studies in counselling so I can be an effective pastor to my church members.”

By Hazel Wanda Ginajil, Communication Department

19, March 2024, Tuesday.