MAUM ASI Convention Draws Attendees from Across Malaysia and Singapore

The inaugural Malaysia Union Mission ASI (Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries) Convention at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, brought together 195 individuals from diverse backgrounds across Malaysia and Singapore from April 26 to 28. Attendees gathered to explore the depths of identity and mission within the context of faith.

The convention, themed “Identity,” delved into the significance of personal and collective identity in the context of faith and the mission of spreading the gospel. Keynote speakers, including It is Written Television Program President Pr. John Bradshaw and esteemed business leader Elder Yew Lip Sin shared profound insights throughout the event. The meetings also assembled a lineup of distinguished leaders, including the General Conference Associate Secretary Pr. Samuel Saw, MAUM President Pr. Abel Bana, and other directors from the union and missions.

The convention began with a reflection on conversion and identity. Bradshaw’s personal testimony was a moving reminder of the transformative impact of realising one’s actual identity. The subsequent session emphasised the importance of embracing their mission as God’s remnant people while avoiding distractions such as institutionalism and property ownership. Another session emphasised the significance of demonstrating Christ’s compassion in ministry. The final session focused on Romans themes, specifically the path from sin to sanctification through grace and obedience.

MAUM ASI President Brother David Fam and MAUM President Pastor Abel Bana also delivered informative and engaging addresses that enhanced the convention. While Pastor Samuel Saw’s devotional brought an additional substance to the event. In his devotional, he stated, “Witnessing is a lifestyle, not an event. You cannot witness what you don’t have. You cannot share the value you don’t have.” Another highlight was the launch of a unique initiative called “TwentySomething.” It seeks to mentor young adults, foster unity, and guide them in making sound decisions for Christ.

Presenting the charge at closing, Brother Fam encouraged delegates to remain faithful to their mission and synergize their efforts, noting each ministry’s unique strengths. He announced that the next convention will be held in Sabah from April 24-27, 2025. Further, he expressed thanks for the success of the first MAUM ASI Convention and plans to organize more evangelistic and training programs in the coming months. He concluded with a call, “Please pray for us, and may God grant us wisdom, strength, and unity in carrying out His work in this part of the world.”

Reflecting on the convention, attendee Alyssa Haijon shared, “ASI is not just for professionals but for all laypeople passionate about participating in the church’s global mission.” She highlighted the impactful “mission spotlights,” where various ministries, including lesser-known personal initiatives, showcased their dedication to spreading the gospel. The MAUM ASI Convention concluded with a sense of unity and purpose, with attendees inspired to continue their journey towards a shared heavenly goal.

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Reported by Alyssa Haijon, Loudvoice Ministry, Joshua Chee MAUM ASI, and Hazel Wanda Ginajil-Gara, MAUM Communication Department

20, May 2024, Monday.