Malaysia Union Mission Year-End Meeting

The Malaysia Union Mission’s (MAUM) year-end meeting (YEM) welcomed delegates from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Sabah Mission, Sarawak Mission, Peninsular Malaysia Mission, Penang Adventist Hospital, Asia-Pacific International University, and Brunei Darussalam at the headquarters in Seremban as early as Sunday evening, the 19th of November.

The YEM kicked off with a series of pre-meetings on the 20th of November, where delegates gathered to hear annual reports from the different departments and ministries within the union. The department directors provided comprehensive reports while appealing to the mission representatives for members’ support and involvement. Committees also convened to address specific issues, setting the stage for more substantive and further discussions that would follow.

The first day of the YEM commenced early on the 21st of November. The session began with a devotional shared by Pr. Wendel Mendolang, Executive Secretary of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. He delivered a powerful message on the theme “Chosen for Mission.” He urged attendees to embrace a renewed focus on mission, motivating local missionaries to serve within and beyond their territories. The central message revolved around being chosen by God and fulfilling His purpose. “You are chosen by God. So, it is your duty to fulfil God’s purpose for your life. You must accomplish the mission entrusted to you. Plant the seeds of salvation, even if others will be the ones to reap the harvest.”

Regarding the business meeting, the first day’s highlights were the report from the Penang Adventist Hospital CEO and the dedicatory prayer for the Secretariat.

On the second day, the 22nd of November, Mrs. Sweetie Ritchil, Associate Treasurer of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, shared a devotional discussing the meaning of being chosen versus choosing. Her message drew lessons from Ruth, Esther, and Jesus. She concluded, “The call to respond to being chosen is not only as messengers but also to become mentors.”

The highlights of the business meeting included the dedication of the Treasurer and the treasury team, a report and appeal from Asia-Pacific International University President, and year-end video reports from the different missions.

The meeting closed with a commitment ceremony. Pr. Rudi Situmorang marked the moment, reminding the delegates that each has a special qualification when called. “You have been Chosen for Mission,” he echoed in his conclusion. The mission-level year-end meetings will occur from the 27th of November to the 3rd of December. The MAUM officers will be in Sabah, then Sarawak, and finally, the Peninsular Malaysia Mission for the said meetings.

30, November 2023, Thursday.