Kelvin Liew, New Treasurer for Peninsular Malaysia Mission

The Malaysia Union Mission Executive Committee appoints Kelvin Liew Kai Wenn, Assistant Treasurer, as the new Treasurer for the Peninsular Malaysia Mission, effective 1 January 2024.

The announcement was made on 22 November 2023, the second day of the Malaysia Union Mission Year-end Meetings. Following the announcement was a dedicatory prayer by Pr. Wendel Mandolang. As he congratulated and welcomed Kelvin into the ministry, Pr. Wendel Mandolang announced, “Kelvin’s appointment marks a momentous milestone in our church organization. It is the appointment of the youngest treasurer of a mission/union/conference.”

Please pray for Kelvin in his new role and pray for the Peninsular Malaysia Mission and the work there.

The following is a short profile of Kelvin.

Kelvin Liew Kai Wenn was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur by Liew Chun Vui @ Vincent and Tan Boon Choo @ Pattie. Growing up, he attended PJ English Church and was baptised by Pr Tan on his 17th birthday. At present, he attends the Hope Adventist Church together with his parents.

Kelvin received his primary education from SK Seafield 3 and secondary education from SMK USJ 8. After completing secondary school, he obtained admission to University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). Kelvin spent over two years of tertiary education in the Bachelor of Science in Actual Science program. However, due to his commitment to keeping the Sabbath, he decided to forgo the program and journeyed into Adventist Education. Kelvin joined Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand, in 2015 and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 2018. As a student, Kelvin participated actively in church, choir, academic, and volunteer activities. He even took up a role as a Treasurer for the Student Council for two consecutive years. Being on a full academic load, he also worked in the library and later interned at AIMS (Adventist International Mission School) finance office.

Upon graduation, Kelvin started working at the treasury office of Peninsular Malaysia Mission. On January 2023, he was appointed Assistant Treasurer under the mentorship of Joshua Chee, an AIU alumni.

Kelvin will assume his new role beginning January 2024. He will continue to be mentored by MAUM Treasurer Joshua Chee for another year.

14, December 2023, Thursday.