Hope Impact Day

On October 2, a significant event marked the launch of Hope Impact Day 2023 with a Commissioning and Special Prayer Program conducted via Zoom. The program, hosted by Pr. Jim Gabu, the Director of Publishing at MAUM, and Pr. Frankie Abidin, the Director of Publishing at SAB, was a momentous occasion for the community. The event commenced with an opening prayer led by Pr. Dennis Ng, setting the tone for a day filled with spiritual significance.

The heart of the program featured a devotional by Pr. Abel Bana, followed by commissioning and charge by mission presidents, further emphasizing the commitment to the initiatives for Hope Impact Day. Notably, the event incorporated special prayers in various languages, reflecting the diverse and inclusive nature of the gathering. Prayers were led by Pr. Joggery Gelu in Bidayuh, Pr. Renie Ubara in Bahasa Malaysia, Pr. Justin Ginsud in Dusun, Pr. Robert Agustin in English, Pr. Ben Foo in Chinese, and Pr. Stanley Anand in Tamil. The program’s primary objective was to unite all members in prayer and dedication for the upcoming endeavors of Hope Impact Day, highlighting the significance of coming together as a community to make a positive impact.

On Sabbath, October 14, 2023, the Adventist Church celebrated Impact Day, a global initiative aimed at bringing hope to communities. The central focus of this event was the launch of the book of the year, “The Great Controversy.” This spiritually significant book was chosen by the church as a powerful instrument to share messages of hope and faith with friends, family, and the community.

Adventist churches from various corners of the globe actively participated in distributing “The Great Controversy” to reach as many people as possible. In Sarawak, a special Book Dedication ceremony was held, where church members, particularly the youth donned their Pathfinder and Masterguide uniforms, symbolizing their commitment to this mission. They then set out to distribute not only the book but also other essential supplies to their community. This initiative exemplified the church’s dedication to becoming a Voice of Hope, promoting faith and unity, and serving as a beacon of positivity in a world that often craves inspiration and reassurance. “The Great Controversy” stands as a testament to the church’s ongoing efforts to spread hope, making it an inspiring choice for the book of the year.

Reported by Sherlyn Sikin

31, October 2023, Tuesday.