Christmas Cheer for the Myanmar Migrant Workers’ and Refugee Children

In the spirit of sharing the joys of the season, a few departments and ministries at Malaysia Union Mission teamed up for a charity cause. The team chose to serve the school children at the Children’s Future Education Centre, a school for Myanmar migrant workers and refugee children.

A group of ten from MAUM Headquarters headed to Kuala Lumpur early Wednesday morning, 13 December, for a day out with the children from the Children’s Future Education Centre. The ministries involved included the Youth, Adventist Community Services, Adventist Possibility Ministries, Children Ministries, and the Education and Communication Departments.

The day started with a Christmas celebration at McDonalds. Forty-one students and four teachers arrived at the venue just 15 minutes after the arrival of the MAUM team. Upon arrival, the children were seated at the designated places, and the MAUM team began the program by singing Christmas carols and a short introduction to the activities for the day. The children then learned the names of all the volunteers and were placed into groups for the field trip.

The next part was probably the most exciting part of the morning: the Christmas presents. Each student received a Christmas gift. Food was served as the children unwrapped their gifts and started completing the activity worksheets. The children were treated to a typical McDonald’s party meal, including cake and ice cream.

To complete the McDonald’s Party experience, games and an appearance from a McDonald’s kid’s club character are a must. The kids played three games led by the McDonald’s party coordinator. The McDonald’s Kid’s Club character, The Burglar, made a special appearance that caught the children’s attention. Some were excited, and a few were scared of this giant figure bouncing around from one table to another. The event hall was filled with laughs and smiles as the party concluded. The kids then assembled in their designated groups and filed out to the bus for the field trip.

The short bus ride provided ample time for the children to get a quick rest. Now feeling rejuvenated and excited, the children ventured into a scientific educational experience. According to Teacher May, this is the first time the students are out for a field trip and the first time for all of them to visit the National Science Centre. Impressively, the students were all well-behaved. Despite being overjoyed to explore the galleries and learn new things in Science, they managed to contain themselves quite well. The students also participated in activities provided, such as robotics and digital games.

After spending 2 hours in there, it was time to leave. The children expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Malaysia Union Mission for sponsoring a field trip and giving them a Christmas Party. The MAUM team prayed for the students, their families, teachers, and the school before the bus pulled out. Every child went home happy, but most of all, with a new experience.

If you would like to be a part of a ministry as such, please get in touch with us, and we can work together. The main objective of this program is to set a precedent for local missions to emulate while providing the needs of the group mentioned. In line with the church’s ‘I Will Go’ initiative, ministries, as such, meet the expected key performance indicators in total member involvement, reaching immigrants/refugees in large cities, and intentional collaborations.

14, December 2023, Thursday.