Children’s Ministries Leaders Gather for Advisory Meetings

【Updated on 9 May 2023】

The Children’s Ministries of Malaysia Union Mission (MAUM) recently conducted a series of advisory meetings in February and March. The meetings, held on February 19 for SAB Mission, March 17-18 for PEM Mission, and March 26 for SAK Mission (Southern) brought together approximately 150 Children’s Ministries leaders from across the region. While most of the meetings were held in person, the PEM Mission meeting was conducted online.

The primary purpose of the meetings was to reiterate the mission of the Children’s Ministries, which is to nurture children into a loving and caring relationship with Christ. During the meetings, leaders were briefed on how the Children’s Ministries can intentionally participate in implementing the “I Will Go” strategic plan, a global initiative aimed at involving church members around the world to reach the world.

In addition to discussing the mission of the Children’s Ministries, leaders were also updated on Division-wide and Union-wide projects and programs, including special days and special weeks. These initiatives are designed to help children become actively involved in the life of the church and develop a personal connection with Jesus Christ.

Overall, the advisory meetings were a productive and informative event for Children’s Ministries leaders in the region. By gathering together to discuss important issues related to their mission, these leaders are better equipped to lead the children in their respective churches.

On May 5-6, 2023, the series of CHM Advisory meetings scheduled for 2023 was brought to a close in Sibu, Sarawak, with 43 CHM leaders and 6 pastors from the Northern region in attendance.  The purpose of the gathering was to invigorate the attendees with the CHM’s mission and its role in executing the I Will Go strategic plan.  In addition, the CHM leaders were reminded that the essential qualities required to become Sabbath School teachers were not academic qualifications but rather a heart fully surrendered to God and a willingness to learn.

5, April 2023, Wednesday.